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Are you ready to change your relationship with food and fitness?  I’m here to help guide you through the process.  I offer online personal training and in person Zumba classes to inspire.

Online Personal Training

  • choose from packages starting at $60 focused on your fitness journey, no matter your level.
  • low cost seasonal online group training offerings to keep your movement habit strong and get extra support
  • program design and online support options allow you to setup a coaching call and have a program designed specifically for your goals, busy life and priorities

Online Nutrition Coaching

  • food is more than fuel.  It’s how we bond, nourish our bodies, share culture, celebrate and of course- obtain energy for daily living.  As a Precision Nutrition L1 coach, a majority of my clients have simple goals: feel better, look better and do it while enjoying their favorite foods.
  • My online nutrition coaching is habit based and tailored to reach your goals and the unique challenges you face everyday.
  • Packages starting at $150 (discounts offered for long-term packages)

The Sparkle Squad

  • The Sparkle Squad is my year long coaching program that focuses on habit based nutrition, movement you love, self-care, body appreciation and creating a sustainable balance that is built on your personal values.
  • We start by taking the focus off weight and numbers and putting it back on the whole you.  One by one, we incorporate habits to create a healthy lifestyle.  We continue by helping you clarify what you want to change and what is sustainable for your unique life.
  • 3 different packages allow you to pick the level best suited for your goals.  All packages include in-app guided nutrition habit coaching, weekly email support, in-app community support, in-app habit tracking, and supplemental worksheets. Higher level packages include Skype/phone coaching, individualized personal training packages, and are limited to small groups of participants.
  • Packages start at $1000

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Sparkle Squad FAQ’s

Is this a weight loss program?
-Yes and no.  The Sparkle Squad is process focused program meaning we focus on building habits that lead to a balanced, sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  Body composition changes do occur with most individuals as they work their way through the habits.

Where can I sign up?
You can view all program offerings and sign up on the Trainerize website here.

Is personal training included?

-For the Gold and Platinum packages, online personal training is included.  For the Bronze package, ala carte coaching and personal training offerings are available.  I do offer a variety of free workouts on YouTube and add a few times per month.

Do you give any meal plans?

-Nope!  The Sparkle Squad encourages members to base their food choices off their own preferences, medical conditions (such as allergies), food values and time constraints.  Members are given access to printable worksheets to help them establish food values and hone in on hunger cues, taste preferences, meal planning, emotional eating, and other related topics as we work through individual habits.

What type of support will I get?

-All members will receive in-app group support and weekly email support.  Clients are encouraged to ask questions, share personal victories, and engage with other members.  Gold and Platinum packages also include Skype/phone call coaching.

Is there anyone who the Sparkle Squad is NOT for?

-The Sparkle Society is not for women in active recovery for eating disorders, women who desire extensive food lists/meal plans, women who would rather follow a program with strict rules (examples: weight watchers, Keto/Atkins, Whole 30, 21 day fix, south beach etc).  Nothing is wrong with these, however; the Sparkle Society is geared towards women looking to find sustainable balance that is focused on the process, not the outcome.
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