Meet Coach Sparkles

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I remember the day I’d had enough. Enough diets. Enough intense workouts. Enough hating my body. Enough beating myself up for another weight loss attempt ending in the same binge eating pattern. Enough feeling as though weight loss was consuming my every facet of life. Enough feeling out of control and wondering if it was even possible to find a healthy balance.
 One of my friends introduced me to Intuitive Eating and the healing process began.  Intuitive Eating is AWESOME, but I still found myself feeling stuck.  I needed some gentle guidance to help me re-discover how to live healthfully, find out what the heck that meant for me, and how to implement it without hopping back on the next diet train.  I began my own self-discovery process with the help of Healthy Habits, Happy Moms combined with their Balance365 program, and began to dig even deeper on how to implement sustainable habits without EVER counting a calorie, wasting time measuring food, spending hard-earned money buying some magical shake, or trying another fad diet.  I was inspired, I was hooked, and I was HAPPY.
Since then I have dedicated myself to help women break up with diets, appreciate their bodies and find fitness they LOVE through online personal training, habit based nutrition coaching, Zumba classes and beyond.  You too can find the happy medium without the crazy that comes with diets and restrictive programs.

My Credentials:

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Zumba Instructor
  • NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition 1 Certified
  • Collegiate level coaching and nutrition classes

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