Intuitive Eating Resources

The book that started it all! When I first read “Big Girl” living a life without dieting seemed impossible and scary. Kelsey Millers book is inspiring, real and relatable.

The book that helped me ditch dieting and find peace with food. I STRONGLY recommend this book for anyone looking to break free of restrictions and diets.

This workbook takes Intuitive Eating to a new level by digging deep into each principle and self-discovery. Very beneficial if you are looking to discover the reasons behind your habits and actions when it comes to food.

An excellent book that encourages self-care and health from loving standpoint rather than weight loss. Several studies have shown that learning body kindness and practicing self-care can help decrease stress levels and lead to a better quality of life in comparison to dieting.

Health at Every Size is a book that goes into the discrimination that obese people face in our fatphobic society and how dieting has contributed to our obesity epidemic. This book also dives into self-care, intuitive eating and the notion that health is not size specific.

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