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Hey girl hey!!! I’m Michelle, better known as Coach Sparkles.  I’m a coffee drinking, fitness loving, wife, mom and whole lotta woman- just like the Kelly Clarkson song.  Welcome to my little piece of online paradise where I share up close and personal stories of life, love, healthy recipes, goal getting, and personal growth to inspire and encourage.  

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I Quit Dieting and Became a Better Mom

I Quit Dieting and Became a Better Mom

I was stuck in the idea that in order to be a “good mom” I had to be a mom that conformed to a specific idea of what was healthy. As I started to focus less on fit mom status, and more on living a balanced life, my eyes were opened to all of the things I was missing by obsessing over the wrong things.

Goals for Sale

Goals for sale! Get em while they're hot! Today I was going through clothes to get rid of and found the "goal" bikini I purchased shortly after my daughter was born. I had high hopes of being the "hot, no excuse mom" who was successfully juggling a career and had a...

When Little People Have Big Emotions

The title says it all.  Homeschooling & family life has not been going well the last 2 weeks.  Early in the year I started a tradition in our house "Field Trip Friday" and the last 2 weeks FTF has been cancelled because of poor attitudes and not completing...

Is Being a Mommy Hard

Today my daughter observed me lying sick on the couch through her 5 year old eyes and asked the million dollar question- "Is being a mommy hard?" I'm currently wiped out from strep, body aches, doctors visits and rounding up antibiotics so today was spent trying to...

Mom’s Rules for Family Photo Day

This Fall I decided it was time- our family pictures haven't been updated in 3 years, and we don't have any professional pictures of the two of us since.... 8 years ago when we got married.  So much to my family's dismay, it was time.  When the morning was upon us, I...

The Decision to be “Just” a Mom

I started staying home with our children 4 years ago when my daughter was 1 1/2.  We had paid off a great deal of debt and were able to live in a single income.  When I left my job, we also said goodbye to $47k/year, which meant a huge financial adjustment and a lot...

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