As my message continues to grow, the need for training also continues to grow.  I’m currently working on saving up to expand my business into a realm of family friendly fitness classes in the Central WI area including Zumbini, Zumba Kids, developing online personal training, and also expanding my non-diet approach to nutrition to be able to provide families a balanced perspective on body image, mindful eating and fitness.

By donating you are helping me reach a deep personal goal to influence families and teen girls to cherish their bodies and develop a healthy sense of self.  My goal is not to encourage weight loss, but a balanced lifestyle that includes self-care, body positive dialogue, empowering fitness classes and Intuitive Eating nutrition support.  As our children are influenced daily by magazines and online sources feeding them unrealistic body standards and photo shopped images, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective for lifelong body love and health.

Donate below by clicking the image below, any amount helps!

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