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Purpose of this website: This website was started with the purpose to inspire, inform, entertain and create a sense of realness in a world of Pinterest perfection.  If you are here, I hope it’s because you want to make peace with the amazing woman God created you to be while also taking baby steps to improve the behaviors and habits you consider to be important.  I am a certified personal trainer, fitness lover, body appreciation advocate, at-home chef and lover of trying new things.  I am NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL.  The information offered on this website does not act as medical, financial, or relationship advice.  Always consult a qualified professional prior to changing anything regarding your mental health, finances, physical wellbeing, or life in general.   

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Occasionally you may see posts designated as “sponsored” meaning I have partnered with a company to give a review of a product.  With every piece of content I share, sponsored or not you will my honest opinion and experiences using their products- good bad and ugly.  In return for partnering I may recieve a small commission or discount code to pass on to readers so they can try the products at a discount for themselves.  

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Sharing posts, pinning and likes are my love langauge and always appreciated.

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“If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all”.  We live in a world that is full of snark and keyboard warriors.  Be kind, be helpful and act like you’re sitting next to the person you are speaking to.  Comments that are hurtful, contain profanity, innapropriate or other harmful nature will be deleted and will not be given an explanation.    


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