Meet Coach Sparkles

Certified Fitness Professional and Habit Coach

Wife, Mom, fitness enthusiast, lover of game night, Harry Potter, popcorn and coffee,

believer in balance for ALL bodies.  

Hey You! I’m Michelle, but you can call me Coach Sparkles.  I’m SO excited to offer busy women the support and tools they need to find fitness their healthy balance and appreciate their bodies in all seasons of life.  Together we can be the change!

My Story

I remember the day I’d had enough. Enough diets. Enough intense workouts. Enough hating my body. Enough beating myself up for another weight loss attempt ending in the same binge eating pattern. Enough feeling as though weight loss was consuming my every facet of life. Enough feeling out of control and wondering if it was even possible to find a healthy balance.
One of my friends introduced me to Intuitive Eating and the healing process began.  Intuitive Eating was a catalyst for change, but I found myself feeling stuck.  I was struggling with weight gain, plantar fasciitis and joint pain, and was struggling to teach fitness classes at my usual intensity.  I was happy I had made so much mental change, but physically I was suffering.  So at the risk of betraying the IE community I chose to take action to lose the weight that was dragging me down. 
As I began to search desperately for a program that would allow me to continue my body positive path while also losing weight, I stumbled upon the Balance365Life community.  Their program inspired me to not only make a personal change, but inspired a professional change. 
I was able to slowly lose weight while creating a lifestyle I enjoyed through their program and eventually adding food journaling to help track my habits.   Professionally I began to specialize and obtain certifications specific to women’s health, habit based nutrition, and sustainable weight loss.  Since then I have dedicated myself to help women find their happy balance, appreciate their bodies and find fitness they LOVE through online coaching, local Zumba classes and beyond.  You too can find the happy medium without the crazy that comes with diets and restrictive programs.

My Values & Beliefs

You Can Appreciate Your Body While Still Desiring to Improve Health, Mobility or Weight Loss

Loving your body at all times is impossible- instead we aim to still show our bodies kindness, respect and appreciation regardless of size or state of health.

Diets Don't Work, BUT Habits Do

The science is clear- diets don’t work.  Extreme restriction is sending people into binge eating patterns, feeling guilty for enjoying food, and leaving them confused and feeling worse than ever for another failed weight loss attempt.  Diets might fail, but slow, consistent habit change can lead to sustainable weight loss, healthful behaviors and freeing yourself from the agony of counting, measuring and cutting out your favorite foods forever.

You Can Create a Life of Balance and Moderation

The diet industry has us convinced we need more rules, more meals, more exercise and more products to reach health goals.  My approach teaches you to build trust with your body and choices again.

Change Takes TIME.

Despite what celebrity trainers and popular diets claim- habits and results don’t happen overnight.  We spend a year working together to fine tune and modify the habits that aren’t serving you.

Fitness Can Be FUN!

Forget the notion that in order to be effective, workouts involve pain, misery and must be an hour long to be worth it.  The movement that is best for you is the one you enjoy and that fits into your life.

Don't Do Now, What You Won't Do For Life

By shifting away from a temporary, quick fix diet mentality towards a maintenance mindset we can create lifelong health and weight loss.

My Approach

I combine mindful eating strategies, journaling, simple nutrition habits, establishing a maintenance mindset, community support, accountability and thought provoking writing prompts to help you dig deep into your priorities, goals and past to create your best relationship with food, your body and fitness.

Together we focus on the process of reaching your goals, celebrating along the way. 

My Qualifications

  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Zumba Instructor
  • NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition 1 Certified
  • Online Trainer Academy Graduate
  • Collegiate level coaching and nutrition classes
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist

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