Hey friends I wanted to share something with you! This is Nick, the Walmart angel that helped me with my Walmart pickup order last weekend while I sipped a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew in the front seat of my car. I know what you’re thinking “HOLD THE PHONE WHY ARE YOU AT WALMART DON’T YOU LOATHE THAT STORE?!”

I know. But Walmart has wooed me with their grocery pick up, the ease of the grocery app, checkout system and I don’t even have to exit my car. I loved being able to compare prices, brands, shop departments, mark favorites and pick things out without having to search the store.

The first time there were 2 hiccups- they forgot 1 item (they called me and told me before I figured it out) and I didn’t want one of the substitutions. At first I thought “oh crap there’s money I will never see again” but NOPE. I was given instructions on how to cancel it in the app and our money was promptly refunded. My biggest concern was “what if they give me rotten produce or meat expired yesterday”. This did NOT happen, my produce was beautiful and my meat had at least 5 days till expiration.

What I loved:

So many things. 

  • The app: This app software is incredibly easy to use, you can favorite items, duplicate previous orders, snoop around different departments and easy compare brands.
  • The actual experience.  Nick (the Walmart Angel) was super nice, fast, allowed me to take his picture for this blog (I’m sure that wasn’t creepy at all, sorry Nick!), and was just fun to talk to.  It was a simple process as well- order, park, receive order, leave. 
  • Money Saving- Since I like to shop aisle by aisle I’ll be the first to admit  I can impulse buy, add things that aren’t on the list, etc etc.  Since the app calculates everything as you go it’s easy to stay at or under our budget and compare multiple brands for the best price.
  • Time saving:  I can typically spend 2-3 hours going to 3 different grocery stores so I can find the best prices and certain brands. (this doesn’t even include making the list and planning our weekly menu!).  Now I spend about an hour planning, ordering and picking up.  This gives me at least an extra 3 hours a week to pack, prep and do all the things. 
  • Sanity saving: We are in the middle of selling our house and moving so this has made grocery shopping and meal planning much faster. 

What you should know:

  • you can order pretty much anything you can get in a regular grocer (shampoo, hair dye, candles, cleaners, some hygiene, diapers/wipes, paper towels/TP) except alcohol. 

  • you cannot pay cash, cards only. You will have a temporary hold on your card and then once your order is fulfilled you’ll see a final number after your produce/meat is weighed. THEN the hold will be lifted and you’ll see the actual total on your account. The total will just vary slightly from the original because of weighing items.

  • It’s FREE to pickup and the minimum order is lower than most stores!  There is a $30 minimum order (unless you have a discount code then it’s $50. PS I have a discount code for YOU!)

  • you need to place your order by midnight the day before you pickup.

  • there is a special place to park and then you check in via app. A team member will come out and load your groceries and give you the option to look through your produce.

  • if an item you ordered is no longer in stock, they will give you the next best thing, which sometimes is a bigger quantity for the same price. 
  • you cannot use coupons when ordering BUT if you are an Ibotta user you can get $3 cash back by placing your order through their app.  Can I get an amen?

Who is this great for:

Ummmmm everyone, but especially if your children are buttholes in stores, you are busy, you don’t want to go in the store, you hate grocery shopping, you want to impulse buy less, you want to adhere to a grocery budget/list better or whatever. It’s so amazing. I personally love grocery shopping but just placed my 2nd pickup order so that I can have one less thing to worry about while we get our house ready to sell. I will probably continue this because I love it SO MUCH.


If you want to try it CLICK HERE to get $10 off your first order by using my referral link.

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