Breakfast- There is so much information out there showing breakfast is important to good health and can lead to weight loss.  A 2014 study from “Nutrition Journal” showed evidence that breakfast was a key to preventing food cravings, increased satiety (fullness cues), and less energy/caloric intake throughout the rest of the day than skipping meals.  When the breakfast meal included a high amount of protein (35g of protein), the benefits were even higher!  If you’re somone who struggles with getting enough protein, don’t worry.  I have some suggestions below!

When most people see how much protein is recommended vs. how much they are consuming they panic and wonder “I’m barely eating X amount, how can I do more?!” With a little intentional planning, this will become an natural habit.  There are many animal and non-meat sources that can help you reach 35g gradually.  Instead of trying to hit 35g right away, think a little bit at a time.  What can you change to add just 5g extra protein to your meal?  Over time that will add up!

Here are 7 meal prep ideas to help you hit your protein goal at breakfast.

  • On Sunday, bake a large egg bake to last you through the week.  My favorite is this one from Skinny Taste (I always have 2 servings)
  • Add ready-to-drink protein shake to your morning coffee (my favorite is this one, super affordable and on Amazon!)
  • Make a large batch of “Kodiak Protein Pancakes“.  Kodiak Pancake mix is located near other pancakes mixes at most grocers, or they them pre-made in the freezer section.  
  • Keep a dozen eggs or a carton of egg whites/egg substitute in your fridge to make fresh omlettes
  • Stir a serving of high protein Greek Yogurt (Oikos Vanilla is amazing!) into your cooked oatmeal or dry cereal
  • Serve cottage cheese as a side with your morning muffin, OR spread on top of an English muffin and sprinkle with “Everything Bagel” seasoning 
  • pre-cooked lean turkey breakfast sausage 

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