When I was a Zumba instructor, there was a phrase that was used over and over on the Zumba website “Let the music move you”.  For me, music has always been a channel into my soul.  Feeling the beats deep in my brain and belly, emotions would surface depending on the song.  For working out, I have the taste of a slightly gangsta pop princess, with motivating lyrics and fast beats.  Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately to get me motivated, pumped up and ready to rock my workout.  If you want my full playlist, you can follow it on Spotify!

#1: Kelly Clarkson “Whole Lotta Woman”.  This is seriously my anthem right now as I maintain my positive perception of my body through my entire weight loss journey.  This song is all about owning your sassy, sensual self the way only Kelly can sing it. 

#2: Meghan Trainer and LunchMoney Lewis “I Love Me”  Another self-love anthem, this one has a quick beat mixed with a show tune style that will keep you smiling as you sweat.

#3: Daya Sit Still, Look Pretty.  A good one for goal getters with a side of sass.

#4: Janet Jackson Ft Daddy Yankee “Made For Now”. When I can teach Zumba again, this song will be on my playlist.  Janet has always had such upbeat music and Daddy Yankee delivers a latin flair in this hit.

#5: Carrie Underwood, “The Champion”.  This is a must-listen-to-the-lyrics-song. It will get you pumped up and thinking you’ll be the star of the next modern day Rocky remake. 

#6: Mandisa, Britt Nicole “What You’re Worth”.  THIS SONG- If you haven’t heard Mandisa sing, you need to.  An incredibly upbeat song with attitude.  Ladies, God has your back.  Show em what you’re worth <3

#7: Pitbull, Chloe Angelides “Sexy Beaches” Let this song take you to your next beach trip.  The sun, the sand, the sexy beaches. 

#8: Jay Sean “Down”.  Anyone remember Jay Sean?!  He was one of my favorite artists circa de 2011ish.  This song is a blast from the past (2012?) and he always delivers on upbeat tempos. 

#9: Rudimental “Not Giving In”.  This one starts out a little slow, but listen to those lyrics.  You’re not giving in, you’re not giving up.  Just keep going.

#10 (Cool Down): Just Like Fire, Pink.  Great lyrics combined with a slower, heavy beat for cooling it down and stretching.

Let me know in the comments what songs are on YOUR playlist!  I love adding new tunes and mixing things up!

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