After years of restrictive diets my body and brain craved one thing more than Doritos.  BALANCE.  I wanted to be sane around food, have a better relationship with my body and truly learn how to eat for energy, health AND satisfaction.  After some trial and error, I found a way to plan our family meals with balance using my formula P+P+F+F.  P+P+F+F stands for protein, produce, fats and fiber.  The image below is from my Precision Nutrition training which I personally use for myself and clients to help them enjoy all foods in moderation. 

To plan using the balanced plate method think P+P+F+F and divide your plate using the picture above. 

Protein:  common sources of proteins such at chicken, fish, seafood, beef, eggs, vegetarian sources

Produce: lots of veggies, some fruits

Fats:  healthy fats sources such as avocado, olive oil, full fat dairy products

Fiber/Starches: Smart carb sources such as whole grains, starchy vegetables (potatoes, root vegetables)

Each of those foods have different purposes and benefits to our bodies and taking the time to find out which foods work best for your body will take time. Protein helps us build muscle, repair tissues and helps us stay full longer.  Produce supplies our body with tons of vitamins, minerals and nourishing antioxidants.  Fats help with brain functions, joints and satiety.  Fiber, starch and carbohydrates help with energy and are our body’s first choice for energy.  This is a very basic way to explain all of these work together to support your overall health, function and energy!  Sign up for my 30 page Get Started Kit to have a detailed guide and printable version of the balanced plate delivered to your inbox! 

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