Weight Watchers, 21 Day Fix, My Fitness Pal, IIFYM, Keto…. They proudly proclaim weight loss success stories but require a great effort with tracking something.  Weight Watchers tracks points, 21DF counts containers, MFP counts calories, IIFYM counts macronutrients, Keto counts carbs… They all come down to creating an energy deficit in different ways to results in weight loss.  But what if you want to lose weight without constantly counting all the things? 

This is definitely a dilemma for me when it came to weight loss.  I knew that counting everything wasn’t a sustainable practice for me.  It quickly turned into an obsession, I knew from my background it’s not very accurate, those diets are hard to maintain BUT I was aware that my “free-for-all” attitude towards food and not truly listening to my body was also not serving my health or personal goals.  Here are 3 tips that helped me to lose weight without counting anything. 

1) Use the balanced plate method.  Rather than counting things, you use a visual guide for planning balanced meals.  When I plan our meals I plan protein, produce, fats, fiber.  P+P+F+F so it’s easy to remember.  Here’s a picture from Precision Nutrition of what a balanced plate looks like.  (Bonus tip: get your printable copy of this by getting your hands on my FREE 30 page Get Started Kit!)

2) Learn to recognize hunger and fullness cues: First off, this one will take a TON of practice.  You will need to overeat to find fullness and satiety cues, you’ll probably need to end up in the hangry zone to understand where true hunger is.  It will take lots of time, practice and learning.  Second, this is a vital skill for maintaining weight loss.  Life circumstances will never be perfect and there will always be a reason to “hop off the wagon”.  By learning to tune into hunger/fullness, you are learning a skill that can be applied in every single situation from your neighbors BBQ, church potluck, girls night out or a home-cooked meal.  Some of my favorite books for understanding your body’s systems for hunger/fullness include Intuitive Eating and The Binge Code.  Both are available on Amazon for around $10



3) Use smaller plates.  Rather than going cold turkey and cutting out your favorite foods, try switching from your large dinner plate to the smaller salad plate.  This will allow the visual appearance of a fuller plate while naturally decreasing the amount of food you serve yourself.  This is also a simple way to enjoy the same foods you prefer while serving a small amount.  This is an gentle way for your brain to adjust to less food without changing EVERYTHING. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips!  If you did please comment, share or pin!  My goal is to help as many women as possible lose weight without diets and learn to love their bodies in a way they can maintain for good.  Love, Coach Sparkles

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