1) Buy pre-cut vegetables or a pre-cut veggie tray.  Veggie trays make veggies so much more appealing.  You can use pre-cut vegetables to assemble your own tray, or take this shortcut even further by buying a veggie tray that invovles no preparation.  We use our veggie tray on a daily basis to serve with meals, as snacks and to toss veggies into salads. 

*BONUS TIP: If you would rather save money over time, buy a reusable veggie tray and DIY your own using produce that is on sale. 

2) Buy bagged salad kits for more ultra easy vegetable side dishes that are super convenient. 

*BONUS TIP: If you would rather save money over time, wash and chop lettuce ahead of time and simply use vegetables from your veggie tray to make a salad. 

3) Buy a rotiserrie chicken instead of raw chicken.  A whole rotisserie chicken is the same price as a raw, whole chicken.  BUT it is fully cooked and seasoned for your convenience.  

*BONUS TIP: Cut up the whole bird for easy grab and go protein for salads, wraps, soups and casseroles. 

4) Head to the meat department to grab some pre-seasoned meats, pre-made kabobs, and other marinated products.  This cuts down on the time spent prepping your food to simply cooking it. 

*BONUS TIP: If you’d rather save money than time, check out my post all about food prep using marinades.  PLUS, 5 amazing dinner ideas your family will love!


I hope you found these tips useful for making your weight loss even easier!  If you like what you found, please share! 



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