Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are good you’ve heard of my amazing DIY Protein Pack.  These are perfect for those that love savory snacks, are looking to boost their protein consumption, and want variety.  Although I personally do not follow a Keto-style diet, some of my friends who do have also raved about these being a simple solution to snack time.  These are inspired by the Protein Snacks you can find at the grocery store, but for a fraction of the price.  You can make these faster and even more portable by using pre-portioned items such as string cheese, pre-boiled/peeled eggs, and getting reusable bento boxes. 

TIP: If you’re looking to save time and money I STRONGLY suggest getting an InstantPot.  I use mine mainly for hard boiling eggs and batch cooking beans, rice, and baked potatoes.  Every time I’m getting ready to make these DIY Protein Packs, I hard boil 1 dozen eggs in our InstantPot and let them cool in the fridge overnight.

TIP: When it comes to Bento boxes, the ones on the left are my favorite for my kids.  You’ll notice there are 4 sections, which is perfect because I always pack fruit in one of the compartments for them.  The ones on the right are my favorite for myself, since I can pack an extra egg or cheese stick in the large compartment if I know I’ll be sharing.  Both of these are leak-proof, dishwasher safe and super affordable on Amazon!

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