I might be on a break from coaching, but my ultimate goal in life is to help as many women as possible create better health and relationships with their bodies.  So I went through my coaching materials and hand-picked some of my favorite guides to help my readers do just that.  So what do you get?

  • Diet Mindset vs. Maintenance Mindset guide
  • Tips for enjoying your weight loss process
  • 2 Flowcharts filled with habits to help you create mindfulness when eating or focus on Fat Loss (Plus, a DIY version for you to customize your own goals)
  • Intro to Creating Healthy Habits Guide
  • How-to Create a Caloric Deficit Guide 
  • Move Ya Body Challenge
  • Find Your Food Values Worksheet
  • Visualize Your Life Worksheet
  • Balanced Plate Worksheet
  • Sunday Strategy Worksheet

And it’s all FREE!!!  You can sign up below and your guide will be in your inbox shortly! 

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