Today I wanted to share my 3 favorite podcasts for helping with weight loss without the diet drama.  When I first began to explore weight loss without fad diets or obsessing, I found it very difficult to believe it was possible so I kept going through spells of all-or-nothing.  I began to look for communities and people who had successfully lost weight and most importantly- MAINTAINED the weight loss with extremes, fads or pricey products.  So here are my 3 favorites- These women provide great information, coaching and their podcasts really help with mindset.  If you have any others, I’d love to hear them!

My first one is the Balance365Life Podcast.  Who they are: JAL (Jennifer, Annie, Lauren) are a trio of certified nutrition and fitness professionals that work primarily with women.  If you’re not familiar with B365, it’s a whole person program that helps you to get your mindset right through diet deprogramming, then helps you to form healthy habits for excellent health and changing your body compostion per your personal goals.  I purchased their program back in 2017 and have definitely enjoyed their online community and support.

Why I love their podcast: Because science and balance.  They frequently have guests who are well-versed in the science of weight maintenance, aren’t afraid to call out diet culture, weight bias, and also stay true to body autonomy (a fancy way of saying we support your health goals, whatever they are).  They encourage living a balanced lifestyle and letting go of extremes, and support habit based nutrition.  To quote Annie Brees, they help women “feel healthy, happy and confident on their own terms.”  Check out their podcast for a full list of topics.

My next favorite is Losing 100 Pounds with Phit-N-Phat!  This is a podcast by Corinne (aka PNP).  Corrine is a certified weight loss coach and runs an online community called The PNP Tribe.  What I love about her podcast is her direct, blunt approach to helping people lose weight.  She is similar in her “diets don’t work” philosophy combined with a little extra planning via her 4 basic habits (sleep, 24 hour plan, water, only eat when you are hungry).  As someone who has a lot to lose, I appreciate hearing someone else who has kept it off for years sharing their experience.  I have had so many “AH HAH” moments from her podcast I just can’t stop listening.  She covers a lot of mindset and mental blocks in regard to weight loss, which is one of the reasons she’s on this list.  One of my favorite mantras is “lose it the way you will live it”.  Corinne swears A LOT so it’s not a podcast to listen to around your kids or if you don’t want to hear the eff word.  You can check it out HERE

Next up is Half Size Me with host Heather Robertson.  Heather lost half her body weight (about 175 I believe) and has maintained it for many years and also runs the Half-Size-Me Online Community.  What drew me to Heather is similar to what drew me to Corinne of PNP- she has lost and maintained a large amount of body weight without prescribing to fad diets.  One of my favorite things is she frequently coaches clients and members of her email list on her podcast.  She is an excellent coach and truly gives her community members excellent advice that is applicable to listeners as well. 

Heather’s approach advocates for calorie counting as a tool for weight loss, encouraging maintenance breaks to learn weight stability during the process and a “maintenance mindset” for keeping the weight off. 

 You can check her out HERE

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