In a world that applauds thin bodies and “getting your body back”, there are times I struggle with the right words to encourage my daughter to be proud of her body in all seasons of life.  We encourage her by letting her choose her own clothes, use her words if certain things make her uncomfortable, and no matter what remind her that “all bodies are good bodies” and God has created us all uniquely to do his work.

So when she asked me “Mom, what does a scale do?” I was a little surprised but I told her, “honestly, scales don’t do much- they just tell us how much we weigh.” She hopped on and saw how much she weighs and then proceeded to ask me how much I weigh- I smiled and said “about 228 pounds”. Her response was typical kid fashion “WOW THAT’S A LOT!” I laughed and said “it’s a bigger number than yours, because I’m bigger than you are. As we grow up, our bodies become bigger and change- along with all sorts of other thing in our lives. We get new jobs, get married, maybe we have kids, we age… Our bodies change throughout our lives. The number on the scale will change a lot throughout your life.”  And I continued,


“But here’s the thing sweetie, even though a scale can tell us how much we weigh it’s still not very smart. Because the ONLY thing it can do is tell us how much we weigh. It can’t tell how fast we run or how strong we are. It can’t tell us how happy we are. It can’t tell us things like our blood pressure, or if we need rest. It can’t tell us how smart we are or how loved we are. It can only tell us how much we weigh. Kinda boring huh?”  She looking at me and chuckled and shrugged her shoulders.  “I guess not”.

Now to YOU my friend and mom reading this- remember.  If you are having a day where the number on the scale isn’t reflecting what you want to see- Your weight does NOT define the amazing woman you are. It is simply your weight.

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