It seems like everyday our kids are bringing home stacks of paperwork, art projects and worksheets.  I’ve felt overwhelmed many times and proceeded to feel ultra guilty when I “file” the projects away in the recycling bin because they are consuming our countertops.  While our son’s projects are largely scribbled coloring pages, our daughter has a deep appreciation for art, writing and loves to have her artwork displayed.  We came to a compromise with this super simple system for keeping her treasures organized and easy to share with visitors.
You will need:

  • A 1″ 3 ring binder (you can choose smaller or larger depending on how much you want to store)
  • Clear sheet protectors
  • Artwork, birthday cards, special notes etc.
  • Optional: piece of construction paper, decorations etc to make a cute cover for clear view binders.
  1. Place the sheet protectors in the binder.  I’ve found putting all the sheets in at once makes it easier for our kids to arrange their treasures how they prefer and choose the ones that are their favorites once we have the initial setup completed- no more mom guilt or extra work!
  2. Once the sheets are in, start putting in the artwork, poems, birthday cards etc.  You may need to trim or fold certain items that are too large to fit into a standard sheet protector.  This has been the perfect way to store cards from grandparents, invites, announcements and other fun trinkets from family.
  3. *Optional: Create cover!  Cut paper down to size if needed, then decorate and insert into clear cover.
  4. Sit back and marvel at all your open counter space and relish in less overwhelm from paper while getting to genuinely enjoy the handiwork of your kiddos.


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