*When it comes to reaching your health goals and staying within your grocery budget, the task of meal planning can be daunting and even discouraging. If you’re a parent or caretaker of kids, it can be even harder when we feel obligations to make sure our children are properly fed before we worry about ourselves. One of my clients recently reached out asking for help reaching her protein goal. After a little chat her main difficulties had to do with her budget and her picky eaters. We started with a small goal: start with a $15 budget for protein. She felt it was reasonable and here’s what we did with that $15:


*2 Dozen Eggs ($1.50/dozen): She made 1 dozen hard boiled eggs (snacks for her and her 2 kids), then used X2/day for her breakfast.

*3 pounds of Boneless skinless chicken breast ($2/pound): 1# for chicken stir-fry, 1# for grilled strips to put on salads/sandwiches, 1# for balsamic sheet pan chicken.

*2 pounds of lean ground turkey ($3/pound): 1 pound for turkey tacos, 1 pound for spaghetti night.


We chose those meals because they fit in her budget, fit the taste preferences of her 2 young children, and she had leftovers for her lunches. She feels better about being able to plan meals around to reach her goals without breaking her budget or dealing with fights at the dinner table.  You CAN eat well on a budget!


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