The most common statement I hear from my clients is one you’ve probably said yourself- I just need motivation.  Or- I start off really great, but then I lose my motivation.  Sound familiar?  What if you could find a way to consistently reach those exercise goals without a bone of motivation or willpower in your body?  It’s possible.  IF you’re willing to focus on your habits!

In James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits” he discusses how our brains form habits using a 4 step process.  The cue, craving, response, reward.

Here’s a personal example to go through how this 4 step process has made it easy for me to make sure I make it to the Y to workout 5 days a week. (I started with 2-3 and gradually worked up to 5)

1) cue: this is what triggers your brain to start a behavior.

My cue- school aged kid gets on the bus which cues me to pack up, get shoes on, get toddler in van while waiting for bus to arrive.

2) craving: the driving force behind the habit.

My craving- stress relief, energy release, raised endorphins, fabulous chats with workout buddy, me time.

3) response: the actual habit you perform

My response: workout

4) reward: the prize for the response and what helps us remember why we want to keep doing the habit.

My Reward: I feel more mobile, happier, less stressed, have time to shower/sauna, better mental health which leads to feeling more confidence, less pain, more recovery.

Now it’s your turn!  Follow the steps to choose your habit, then use the worksheet to establish your cue, craving, response and reward.  And Click HERE for your free printable PDF worksheet.

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