Last Fall my husband and I had a wedding to attend and I wanted to go dress shopping… it had been so long since I had a reason to go dress shopping

My mother-in-law was nice enough to accompany me to a local store where I tried on a ridiculous amount of dresses before finding….. the one.

Navy blue, sparkles, comfortable… I had a million reasons I loved this one and the world has a million reasons I shouldn’t wear it.  But I felt AMAZING in it.

I went with the sparkly dress I’d been dreaming of. At a size 18, some think that form fitting, sparkly dresses aren’t flattering, are “too much”, too tight, no one wants to see that and the list goes on. I saw this dress and turned down the other dress that was “flattering” but I didn’t love. It’s just a dress and it’s one some people think I shouldn’t wear but I LOVED how I felt and how my hubby saw me wearing it and could tell how happy I was. I’ve worked hard to make peace and appreciate my body.  Life is too short to wear clothes you don’t love.  Wear the sparkly dress ladies!

Wear the sparkly dress ladies!

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