When it come to fueling my body before or after workouts, I’ve found the best thing for my body is a balanced snack or meal.  I struggle to get enough protein in my day (this is actually a problem for most women) so these yogurt cup recipes make it even easier and even more delicious!  You can use the pre-packaged cups as pictured below, or buy a larger container of Oikos (I choose Oikos because it is high in protein with a good texture compared to most yogurt brands) and use one of the handy containers at the bottom of the page to make yours portable!

Angry Elephant Yogurt cup: 1 cup of Vanilla Oikos Triple zero+ a sprinkle of PB Crunch+ peanuts




Coconut Almond Crunch Yogurt: 1 cup Chocolate Oikos+unsweetened coconut flakes+slivered almonds





Sweet & Salty Yogurt: 1 cup of Vanilla Oikos Triple zero+ crushed pretzels+mini chocolate chips





If you’d rather save some money and be more eco-chic, check out these affordable, reusable containers from Amazon!

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