As a certified personal trainer, I’ve had many people open up about their struggles with all or nothing thinking when it comes to their nutrition. 

  • Do you ever feel like you have to give up your favorite foods in order to be healthy?
  • Do you find the word “moderation” laughable? 
  • Have you ever tried to lose weight by cutting out “junk food” only to binge on them later? 
  • Do you feel like you’ll never find a healthy weight or get a grip on your nutrition?

Science is showing that restrictive diets lead to weight gain, binge eating and heightened cravings.  With new fad diets and healthy gimmicks popping up on the daily, it’s no wonder we are confused, overwhelmed and feeling worse about our bodies than ever. 

You are not alone. At all.  I have struggled with this prior to quitting diets and so many of my clients have struggled with feeling out of control or having an all-or-nothing attitude about eating.  So here is my #1 tip for learning to enjoy foods in moderation.  Instead of restricting, eat your treat of choice (dessert, snack, whatever it is) with a balanced meal. Eat it slowly, savor it and stop when you’re full.  As time goes on you may feel less of an urge to eat those or you can start making what I call “smart swaps” (for example skipping the bun on your burger and enjoying french fries, or having a lighter dish while sharing a dessert).  The key to losing weight and keeping it off is including those foods at all seasons and learning how to fit them into REAL LIFE. 

Enjoying food doesn’t have to be stressful. Slow down and enjoy

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