With the holidays approaching, it’s easy to get sucked into the chaos and become disconnected with our habits in the midst of travel, shopping and holiday parties.  How do we maintain our own self-care in those seasons that require so much of us?

Here are my top tips to maintain your sanity and your habits when the holiday season is upon us:

  1. Delegate and ask for help.  Clearly communicate the expectations of your family and spouse.  Everyone is capable of cleaning up their own messes and contributing.  If you have a support network outside of your home, ask for help.
  2. SAY NO and PRIORITIZE.  It’s hard to say no to the many invitations during the holidays.  Pick and choose the events that are of most value to you and your family.  Don’t commit to your 3rd cousin, twice removed Ugly Sweater party unless you actually want to.
  3. Guard your energy.  Jennifer Campbell, one of the Balance365 founders said this to me once.  Since then I repeat this to myself if I get caught up in crap that doesn’t matter and am able to *generally* refocus my energy back to what matters most.  My family and celebrating Christ!  If there is an energy vampire lurking in your holiday plans, try your best to maintain your focus on your values.
  4. Choose some convenient ways to stock your fridge and serve meals.  These are some of my buy and go convenience foods: Veggie tray, single packs of hummus, guacamole, chips, rotisserie chicken, steam-in-a-bag veggies, fruit trays, sandwiches, wraps, string cheese, crackers, yogurt, pouch tuna.  Use a Crockpot, InstantPot or meal delivery service if it fits in your life.  Don’t be afraid to have some frozen pizza or mac n cheese on hand, or *GASP* hit the drive through if needed. Use disposable/recyclable dinnerware to free up time spent doing dishes.  This will make nights easier when you’re juggling Holiday get togethers.
  5. If you’re having trouble fitting in fitness, add NEAT into your day as you can.  Park further away, take the stairs, squat during other tasks, stretch.  Any movement is good movement!
  6. Take a social media break if you’re feeling like your life isn’t as spectacular because you’re not getting invited, your family got you crappy gifts, or you’re struggling to be positive- give yourself some breathing room.  It’s okay to not feel as happy about the holidays as everyone else.  Be honest and process your own feelings.
  7. Keep your expectations low!  Remind yourself this is just a season, and this too shall pass.  In Balance365 we say “all or something” rather than “all or nothing”.  You can learn more about Balance365 below!


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