How Do You Climb a Mountain? One Step at a Time.

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This summer I was on a hike in an area I’d never been. It was a DOOZY. It started off okay, but pretty soon I was getting bitten up by mosquitoes, got lost a time or two, tripped on my own feet but eventually, I got to the top of the destination. The view was amazing but getting there was pretty messy.

first step

I couldn’t help but think about how the last two years of changing my relationship with food and fitness has been almost exactly the same. It started off very rocky, I stumbled all the time, I was afraid of being judged if I gained weight, I got lost and tried dieting again and then eventually- I saw the top of the hill. And it was GLORIOUS.
The view from the top

I think it’s worth saying the journey to long lasting change may be a little rocky, it’s really hard, you might get lost, it’s scary at first because it’s different than everything you’ve ever done; but the view from the top is pretty amazing.

So today I want to share something with you: “The Core 4”. These are your first steps, the bottom of the mountain. They may seem too easy, not enough or boring. Maybe to some it is terrifying to be given so much freedom to make your own choices and listen to your body. I get it.  These habits are the foundation to creating a normal relationship with food and sustaining your habits no matter the situation, what is offered or what you’re doing.  The habits MATTER!  To get immediate access to your copy of The Core 4 by clicking HERE.


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