“Today was a good day.  Today I was good”. Sound familiar?

I used to say as I checked off the lengthy list of to-dos that I used to make sure I was on track for my weight loss goals. Ate within my tracking method for fad diet of choice (be it containers/points/carbs/macros), intense workout, no straying from my list of allowed foods or binging, up to my eyeballs in water consumption, time dedicated to meal prep. I was good. I was in control. I was successful… until I wasn’t. I was the queen of all or nothing. But you would never know that I was struggling based on my beautifully pictured life full of clean foods, shrinking scale victories, happily meal prepping and sweaty selfies.

Now TODAY. Today was a good day. Today I didn’t spend hours meal prepping- I spent 15 minutes making a veggie tray. I made a quick dinner using ramen noodles, leftover chicken and steamed veggies and didn’t feel like a bad mom. I went for a relaxed walk next to a beautiful river with my kids and enjoyed fall. I stayed in the picture. I carried my son on my shoulders when he got crabby. I didn’t waste my time tracking, feeling like a failure or feeling bad about my body. TODAY…. TODAY was a good day.

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