This is the second year in a row I am completely unconcerned with how many burpees or miles I need to run in order to negate calories eaten from candy, or combating weight gain during holidays.  I keep seeing those ultra annoying infographics that have how much activity you need to do to burn off candy X, Y, and Z and decided this year I’d have a little fun of my own and create my own.  Because, nobody cares.

halloween candy

So what changed? It’s not a restrictive diet or magic pill/potion… it’s a change in mindset- “all or something”. One of the big messages that is spoken from an amazing tribe of women in an online group I’m a part of.

Once upon a time I’d eat ALLLLLLLLL the Reese’s, you know to get them out of the house because they were tempting. (That candy tax was harsh, sorry Kids). Then last year I stopped restricting and moralizing food and had a few during Halloween. I spent my holidays enjoying the traditional food prepared lovingly by family members without feeling guilty for declining when I was offered seconds, not finishing all my food and stopping according to my hunger cues. It was AWESOME and I can’t wait to do it again this year!

Balance is beautiful.


To find out more about the “All or Something” message check out this 30 minute video from the creators of Balance 365.  It’s a totally free workshop where they share their personal experiences getting out of the dieting world and finding the happy medium in their own health. 

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