“As I walked to the edge and waited for our turn I heard a little voice say, “I like your suit Mommy. It has waves on it. ”

As my legs sunk deeper into the water, my pride rose higher than my head. I watched my little boy smile with joy that his mommy was in the water with him.

As I laughed and cheered I forgot that my thighs touch.

As my oldest son started his turn, I remembered how it feels to put the fun first and shrug off insecurity.

As we high fived over and over I celebrated that I am enough. I am MORE. I am brave and normal all at the same time.

Today I won. Today my boys won. They got their mom with them in a pool for parents day.

Today my body was the least interesting thing about me.

I freakin’ did it.” Beautiful words shared with permission by Rachelle McLean; founder of Light It Up Fitness

Photo credit Michelle, founder of Mom Dance and Yoga Pants and Zumba with Michelle Phillips

Countdown to Summer

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