Facebook. Snapchat. Instagram. Pinterest. Texting. YouTube. I wrote this for my kids when one day I was able to see clearly, that we were all missing out on life because of my lack of true presence. Not just me being there physically, but also emotionally present. I had lost my temper mid-post for getting interrupted again and I found myself face-to-face with a teary eyed little girl that was now completely silent. We are living in an age where we can get validation, a medical diagnoses, new recipes, news, laughter and even build businesses on the tips of our fingers we can easily miss out on what matters most.

As I looked into the little girls eyes who matched my own, she didn't have to say a word for me to understand what she was feeling and wanted to say.

"Put the phone down mommy, and take my little hand. I know that you get lonely but this journey is so grand.

Put the phone down mommy, social media can wait. I promise that we'll still have fun, trust me it will be great.

Put the phone down mommy, I know you have #momboss dreams, my brother and I are growing up fast; surely you can see?

Put the phone down mommy, watch me without the lens. This day will soon be over, this time with me will end.

Put the phone down mommy, please focus here on me. I'm about to make you laugh, can you listen to my story?

Put the phone down mommy, I don't mean to bug. But if you look over here I'd like to give you a really big hug.

Put the phone down mommy, I know that life gets hard. That newsfeed isn't important, your presence goes so far.

Put the phone down mommy, I really want to run! It's so much better when you're with me, let's go have some fun.

Put the phone down parents, see what's in their eyes, you're pouring into tiny souls and creating better lives."

Put the phone down parents. Give the gift of your presence.

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