Ditching the diet mentality isn’t easy. Everywhere you look there is a message about healthy vs healthy, scare tactics surrounding sugar/fat/carbs/gluten, and diets promoting avoiding food groups or counting points/calories/carbs/everything but the kitchen sink. How do we weed through the money making scare tactics promoted by the weight loss industry to find peace with food instead of using it as a weapon to get our money? 

What I imagine someone eating when they tell me about their diet.

I had been a slave to the diet industry since age 19, when I went on WW and was up and down the diet/binge rollercoaster since then. I’ve come a long way in the last year but also have been able to get deeper into subconscious behaviors and the depths the diet mentality exists.  

Using this workbook, I’ve been able to identify I STILL have some deeply ingrained carb fears.  As the Keto diet and Atkins are making a comeback, the fear mongering surrounding carbs and gluten is stronger than ever.  During my mid-winter slump I even told my told my clinical nutritionist I thought I should take the keto plunge after reading about how dairy, gluten, sugar (whether processed or natural from fruit) was the devil and was probably leading to my untimely death.  I was ready to pull the trigger on yet another diet promise when I was thankfully reminded of the lack of sustainability and that the last time I completed a keto style diet the rebound and gain was the worst to date.  Can I reiterate there’s a reason we’re all so screwed up when it comes to food? We’re all or nothing, there’s no balance and the diet industry loves to play into our fears to keep us coming back for more. 

This workbook has definitely helped me identify that I am struggling with some carb fears.  This comes out in the form of subconsciously avoiding fruit, and then feeling like a failure/overwhelmed when I want something sweet to eat and end up reaching for chocolate, candy, chips- basically easy access carbs because my body wants some darn carbs!  I don’t restrict sweets so when I have a desire for a sweet food I don’t mind enjoying it.  What I’ve realized though is my closest avoidance of carbs ends up leading me to making choices I wouldn’t if I would’ve just included fruit or starch in my balanced meal.  I’ve decided to experiment and see if purposely consuming more fruit, starchy foods (rice, potatoes, quinoa, couscous etc) that give sustained energy will help me to not be so drawn to the more processed foods.  

If you are looking to change your relationship with food and no longer feel chained by the weight loss industry, make sure to check out the Intuitive Eating book and workbook using my link here.  They are excellent resources for understanding why diets fail and where to go next to achieve your version of health, inside and out. 

*The link does contain my affiliate code which helps support my coffee and leggings addiction, as well as provide giveaways for products and services I wholeheartedly believe in. 

Intuitive Eating Resources:

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8 Replies to “Ditching the Diet Mentality”

  1. You are so right!! For some reason we can’t accept balance and moderation we are all or nothing. In order to be healthy and maintain it we have to let go of that diet mentality

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  2. I’ll have to check this workbook out! I have been looking to have a healthier relationship with food and really enjoy what I eat. Not looking to not eat this and not eat that, but to find a healthy balance that works for me.

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  3. Girl, yes! I get so tired of hearing the latest food that should be banned from my diet because we all know that it will change and be acceptable again in 5 years. All you have to do is eat a balanced diet of mostly whole food from all the groups and exercise. And don’t worry! Stress will kill you faster than carbs.


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