When a picture is worth 1000 words….

A year ago I made a choice to ditch dieting for something called “Intuitive Eating”. I was scared. I thought I going to lose control, gain weight and be miserable. It seemed too good to be true that I could have freedom from the control food had over me. Secret eating had plagued me for so long and the only way I thought I could tame it was through restrictive dieting and “willpower”. I was sure that I was just addicted to food and if I could just tame my addiction, my life would be fine.  

It has been a process I never thought I’d experience.  

I have allowed myself to experience true, raw emotion.  

I have experienced great loss and triumph.

I have grown in my relationships.

I have found value and beauty in myself in moments I had not.  

I found freedom in being honest about my obsession and shame.  

I found my voice that stands up for what I need. 

I don’t remember my last binge.  

I am happy with the woman I see in the mirror.   

I am no longer controlled by food, diets, or numbers. Saying no to restrictions is what helped set me free.

I still can’t believe we found this wall on our ladies night Thursday. It spoke to me the second I saw it. These butterfly wings represent what the last year has done for me… going from something that started small and scary and grew into something beautiful and transforming.  

Intuitive Eating Resources:

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