Goals for sale! Get em while they’re hot!

Today I was going through clothes to get rid of and found the “goal” bikini I purchased shortly after my daughter was born. I had high hopes of being the “hot, no excuse mom” who was successfully juggling a career and had a smokin’ bod. I was determined to erase any sign that I had carried a child for 9 months and get rid of my mom bod. Here I am 6 years later I put it up for sale online and said goodbye to that goal. This wasn’t my only farewell. Over the last 6 months I’ve been purging my life of diet books, dream boards, apps, clothing from college and a mentality that my life work is to get back to the body I had at 20. That girl is long gone.

When I tell people I no longer believe in the broken system of dieting/weight loss, and that weight loss is no longer a priority in my life, they seem to look at me with pity. Part of it I think is confusion- I mean, who works out for fun and eats vegetables because they enjoy them? Or they know I teach fitness classes and assume that I live a “clean” lifestyle. Or my favorite- when a random MLM adds me as a FB friend to message me about the best product on the market to help me lose weight- without even getting to know me.

It’s also a reminder that to some, the only worthy fat person is the one trying to lose weight. That you’re admirable if you’re goal chasing and dropping pounds but you’re “settling” if you choose moderation. You’re normal if you belittle your body and say horrible things about yourself but you’re a freak if you decide to love the skin you’re in. Where does it end?

Goals change and people do too. ✌🏼buh-bye goal bikini, hello balanced life.

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