Fitspo and diet culture promises have been filling up every corner of every media outlet I have access to for the last 2 weeks.  The underlying message is shouting- “you’re not good enough!  You need to lose the baby weight!   I saw how many cookies you ate during Christmas!” I can’t deny, the call of a “better” life through weight loss has been alluring.  For years I’ve thought skinner me=better me.

For the first time in years my resolution has nothing to do with changing my body.

I’m choosing to love my body for what it is.  I won’t belittle myself for eating when it’s required for survival.  I won’t be defining myself as “good” or “bad” for eating “good” or “bad” foods.

I won’t be shouting “NEW YEAR NEW ME!” because the me right now is actually pretty awesome.  The me right now, is enjoying food without dieting, binge eating, guilt, counting a bunch of crap or micromanaging portions.  The me right now is doing exercise I enjoy, without excess or misery.

I won’t be buying any magic wrap, cleanses, life altering fixes for cravings or joining Facebook groups to hold myself accountable.  I won’t force myself to drink puke green smoothies because of their mystical healing powers or eating something I don’t like because it’s healthy.

I’m not going to keep a pair of too-small jeans collecting dust in my closet to motivate me.  I’m not going to put a picture of myself at my “hottest” on the fridge to make me feel guilty for having a scoop of ice cream.

This year I’m choosing self-love.  I’m making peace with my body.  I don’t have to eat clean like it’s a religion to be a good mom or set a good example for my kids.  This year I’m choosing balance.

I’m 2017 my only resolution is to love the skin I’m in.

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