Sunday night we went as a family to the greatest family restaurant of all time.  I say this because our Pizza Ranch is awesomely accepting of my needy children, and costs the same as a dinner anywhere else for our family of 4, but we get options!

I used to avoid buffets like the plague because of my fears it would be a trigger, thus binge eating would occur.  It all started when I was a kid, probably 10ish, and my Grandma loved to take us to restaurants.  But her favorite line: get your money’s worth has followed me for years.  It’s hard to negotiate your way out of a clean plate when they are raised in the depression era.  It’s also hard when you’re trying your best to get grandmas approval by stuffing yourself far beyond comfort.  Have you ever felt unable to trust yourself in certain situations?

Yet, I’ve been making progress on this.  During my dieting days I’d just do weird things like eat a shit load of salad and only eat the topping on the pizza to avoid carbs.  Or set limits on the types of pizza (only thin crust, lots of veggies no fatty meats).  Drink lots of water to feel full.  You know, all the old tricks.

So tonight we went and I got to eat a little of everything, I felt comfortable leaving food on my plate, and I left a little full than preferred, but I still felt comfortable.  I even had a bite of dessert.  Totally guilt free.

And I had the best company a gal could ask for!

It feels good to continue moving in a path that isn’t dictated by rules and strict guidelines and even better to make progress away from the clean plate club.

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