A year after proudly announcing a 40 pound weight loss and signing up to coach others towards living a healthy life, the last thing I predicted I would be writing was this post.  I was thinking that by now I would have achieved a higher rank in my former direct sales company and would be proudly celebrating reaching my goal weight of 150!  But I’m NOT.  You know why? Because these days when people tell me they want to lose weight I want to hug them.

I’ve spent many years thinking weight loss would cure a variety of issues- insecurity, self-image, how people perceive me… After all, isn’t that what we see on the cover of magazines at nearly every checkout at stores?  Lose weight and solve every problem known to mankind, EVER.  If they’re not telling you the benefits of losing weight they are selling you a new product to “help you get in the best shape EVER”….  Flip through the magazine or turn on TV and see ads for pills, shakes, programs, lotions, wraps all promising you that you will be a better person for losing weight.  The market for weight loss, diet foods and fitness is huge and we are all buying into it.  And at face level it all appears very alluring and well meaning.  We’ve all succumbed to this idea that weight loss=better everything.

So if I led you to believe you needed to be changed physically in order to have a better life, I’m sorry!  Instead I want to inspire YOU to love YOU for exactly who you are RIGHT NOW.  I want you to stop feeling guilty for eating something “off plan”.  I want you to buy clothes that fit, not make yourself miserable by wearing too small clothes as a reminder you need to practice more discipline.  I want you to exercise for the sheer enjoyment, not because you need to lose weight… I want you to eat what you enjoy, then stop when you’re full- not gorge yourself silly in the false promise of a last meal before you start over tomorrow, then tomorrow, then next week… I want you to love who you are as a wife and mom and woman.  I want you to have the balance you crave and the healthy relationship with food.  I want to hug you and tell you that sure, it seems great to lose weight but honey you are already great.  I promise you that you are.  I hope you can see yourself for more than a jean size or number on a scale. That you can move forward confidently in your life knowing that the packaging you’re in is beautiful.

I thought my life would look a lot different this month, but I’m happy that I’m finding balance and living a life true to me.  And I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

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*These books contain my referral ID, which means I receive a small portion of the sale (all contributions fuel my pumpkin spice latte addiction) if you make a purchase using this link. All opinions are my own and the process of Intuitive Eating is a topic I’m VERY passionate about. All books have been purchased by me personally and are in no way sponsored by the authors. That said, I still HIGHLY recommend these for anyone ready to get off the diet wagon for good.

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