Well here we go.  Let’s piss of some Beachbody coaches.

So before I continue I feel the need to throw out the disclaimer- all opinions expressed are my own and are based on my personal experiences.  These opinions are not affiliated or representative of any company.  I’m not a medical professional, certified PT or dietician.

So what am I and why should you even bother reading this?  I’m a woman, a wife and mom.  At the time this was written I was a Team Beachbody coach, so I’m sure this post will come as a shock to a lot of people.  For the last 20ish years I have been at war with my body convinced that if/when I would lose weight the pieces of my life would magically fall into place, my binge/emotional eating issues would be solved my confidence would soar, etc etc.  After all, isn’t that what everyone who has a major transformation on the cover of a magazine says?  I wanted to be a success story and be able to say “I did it!”.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Fitspo, barf

So I did several programs over my teens/20’s including MyFitness Pal, Eating Clean, Weight Watchers, low-carb, Paleo and from May 2015-June 2016 I used the 21 day fix portion control plan to lose the weight I gained from my 4th miscarriage and 2nd full term pregnancy.  In total I lost about 40 pounds, I was feeling good, getting compliments, and praised for my motivation and discipline.  And then… I began to struggle.  I spent the first half of 2016 losing and gaining the same 10 pounds until June (and watching nearly all of my customers struggle with the same cycle on this and other diets) when I was introduced to the concept of Intuitive Eating and realized that what I was doing was flawed.  Like so many Americans I had become obsessed with being healthy but was far from healthy.

I was leading a life divided by good and bad foods, healthy and unhealthy, disciplined and out of control (again, sound familiar?)  and now I was eating out of color coded containers.  Through it all I was very very stressed. I had to open my eyes to the fact I had built a business and following around my weight loss journey and that it was consuming me and I felt trapped with my “healthy lifestyle”. I was stressed if I missed a workout, I felt guilty if I wasn’t getting results, I would beat myself up over having cake at a celebration. I realized it was because I was worried I was a hypocrite if I broke free of my shackles and pursued a life of balance, not obsession.

Now I know what you’re going to say if you’re a fan of the 21DF or a TBB coach. “But it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!!” or maybe “but eating whole foods is what we should be doing, food is fuel!!” or maybe you’ll just defend the program.   The 21DF is just another way of counting calories- only you use containers.  Every diet plan works in the sense you will lose weight by cutting back on something but with EVERY DIET PROGRAM the biggest flaw is lack of sustainability.  What do I mean?  It means with ANY diet we stay on it for awhile and eventually we end up wanting things that aren’t part of the restrictive plan.  Maybe it starts as a cheat meal, then a cheat day, then turns into a full of week of binging, then we are bloated, guilty and feeling at blame for the flawed concept of dieting.  Then the yo-yo cycle begins- is balance possible?

I quit using the container system, counting calories and the whole shebang because I got sick of meal prepping and counting stuff all the time.  I got sick of running out of containers/carbs/calories when I was hungry or sometimes feeling forced to eat more when I wasn’t hungry to avoid “starvation mode”.  After 20ish years I finally came to accept dieting doesn’t work long term (thank you God) and have truly begun to trust my natural instincts again.  I was already gorgeous and a good person and that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life answering to the parameters of any diet program.  The diet industry has led us all to believe we needs their lists of ‘on plan’ foods, prepackaged astronaut food and meal plans to be healthy.  I wanted to challenge that and find a balance with health by going back to basics and learning to trust my ability to make the best choices for ME.

I’m happy to say I’m on my way to leading a healthier life free of dieting and unhealthy obsession with weight loss.  It has been a hard process but worth it!  I’m healthier mentally and have been embracing moderation which I used to say was a myth.

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