“When you allow yourself pleasure and satisfaction from every possible eating experience, your total quantity of food will decrease.”

For the longest time food has been a science for me.  Eating for performance, repeating “it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle”, drilling the phrase “food is really only needed for survival” in an effort stay on plan, counting carbs, calories, containers or mentally making sure I was eating enough protein.  It was never fun.

God made us to consume food, not to be consumed with it.  This be applied to the dieter touting “discipline” who is consumed with eating in a restrictive pattern, counting everything, and also to the person who is consuming food for the purpose of covering up emotions and problems.  You’ll notice the bible frequently references feasts (think of the Last Supper), refers to gluttony & drunkenness as a sin, and also gives reference to spiritual thirst and hunger that can only be satisfied by the word of God.  Balance IS a possibility.

I feel as though Intuitive Eating has opened a realm to the balance God desires for food in my life.  To not be consumed but to also enjoy food.  I’ve always enjoyed wine pairing, hosting dinner parties, serving others food, and I’ve stopped doing this largely because of dieting.  I just couldn’t figure out how to find enjoyment with these things without simultaneously having feelings of guilt.  By

So I’ve been using cookbooks I haven’t in years, experimenting in the kitchen, wine pairing, and taking time to slow down and savor my food.  Eating slowly and distraction free has played a huge role in this (for the record this is practically impossible when you have kids) and plays into one of the first guidelines for intuitive eating: giving yourself permission to eat.

You know what else I’m savoring? Conversation. Time with people I love.  Not just shoving food in my mouth to fill awkward silences or because I’m starting over tomorrow.  Food for thought- savor the food and the moment and get true life satisfaction.
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