Biggest misconception of Intuitive Eating: eat everything, anything and a crap load of it.  Wrong wrong wrong.  But I won’t lie this is what I thought it was before reading the book and beginning this process.

It’s not about losing weight, but rather about retraining your body and practicing a very mindful approach to eating.  Here’s an excellent example to the approach taken with IE:

One of my downfalls in the past has been nighttime snacking.  Can you think of how you’d evaluate your nutrition during the day as amazing but end up binging on whatever sounds amazing vowing to start over the next day?  Here’s how things have begun to progress:

Pre IE: I’m starting over tomorrow, I’m going to make this count, let’s order pizza, deep dish, stuffed crust, the works- YOLO!!!

Week 1: I give myself permission to eat whatever I want, honoring my hunger cues

Week 2: I’m hungry, but I’m learning  certain things at night give me heartburn and indigestion the next morning

Week 3: I’m able to trust my snack choices mostly to those that don’t give me heartburn, make me feel bloated or sick and feel confident stopping trusting internal hunger cues

I thought in the past the reason for the physical discomfort had to do with overeating, but my stomach just doesn’t agree with certain foods before bed.  More learning curves!

If you are interested in learning more about Intuitive Eating can change your life, check out these Intuitive Eating Resources:

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