This morning I made the mistake of weighing myself, and I completely regret it. I think no matter what I would have weighed in at it would have diminished the amount of change that’s occurred inside the last 3 weeks.  But, I did it anyway.

I’m up 5 pounds over the course of the last month. I’m struggling with this because honestly… I don’t think I’m meant to weigh over 200 pounds regardless of what the book says. I have a very petite frame and I’ll straight up admit I don’t feel home in my body the way it is. I SHOULD NOT have weighed myself. I feel like I have undone 3 weeks of mental peace for seeing a number and almost jumping into diet mode again. When my hubby wakes up I’m going to have him hide the scale for awhile or maybe I’ll just take a hammer to it later?  That sounds fun!

I’ve read in the book, weight gain is common at first when you’re exploring your palette and enjoying food you haven’t in a long time, but it definitely doesn’t make me feel better right now.

How in the hell do you find peace with your body when you’re still not comfortable In your skin?!  Rough start to the day.

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