My fridge looks a little different these days. It’s not jam packed with vegetables, lean proteins, special concoctions that are light/low cal/low fat…. It contains food from my “bad/naughty” list (sausage, ribs, bacon, cheese, whole chicken instead of chicken breast, bread, yogurt, wine, canned fruit, full fat dairy, hot dogs, butter etc) along with those veggies and fruit. My freezer has frozen waffles and homemade ice cream. My cupboards have chips, chocolate, canned veggies/fruit, pasta.

I didn’t believe intuitive eating would take away the allure of having these things in my house but it has. My mentality has changed from “DON’T EAT IT OR BUY IT OR YOU WILL EAT IT UNCONTROLLABLY AND GET FAT” to “it’s there, I can have it when I want it, if I want it, and I trust my body and mind to stop when I’m done.”

It’s a hard process, but everyday I’m learning and discovering a part of me that had been lost for awhile.  I’m learning to trust myself again, not rely on numbers for validation.

 Intuitive Eating Resources:

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