It’s been about a week since I quit dieting!  While there have been a ton of good things happening, there have been some issues as well.

The good?  I feel free mentally.  I don’t obsess over “forbidden” foods. I haven’t binged in a week.  I have been enjoying workouts simply for fun, rather than because of pressure to lose weight.  I felt very little guilt in eating.  I feel very free not obsessively measuring every portion, calorie in/out, and basing success on numerical results. I’m learning to truly savor and TASTE my food slowly again and pay attention to how my body responds and that part is going really well.  I’ve enjoyed doing some wine pairing which is something I love but haven’t done in forever!  From the book I’m reading “Legalizing food is the critical step in changing your relationship with food. It frees you to respond to inner eating signals that have been smothered by negative thoughts and guilt feelings about eating.” (Intuitive Eating, 3rd edition)

Now here’s the tough stuff (of course this list is longer).  Having people insist I try a new diet that has worked great for them since It appears I’ve given up. If you suggest something else you really don’t get what I’m doing, and while I understand it sounds crazy- stop assuming undieting translate to “wanting to try a new diet”.  It’s frustrating.  Undieting=not willing to try anything that bans anything and has guidelines. Kapeesh?

I’m having trouble not weighing myself, but know it’s necessary right now.  I want to weigh myself because I feel really good, and content and hopping in the scale could either verify or destroy why I’m feeling so good.  Weigh in Wednesday was my weekly tradition to prove my program was working. But I know if the scale says the wrong thing I’ll backpedal and think this is a huge mistake whereas I’m making process mentally.  The temptation is huge.  While I haven’t felt guilt over eating foods I would normally avoid I’ve also had guilt over not eating large amounts of fruits and veggies.

The biggest struggle- seeing the excitement of others who are having successes on the scale or in clothing sizes and trying to NOT go back to a restrictive, calculating mindset.  I am happy for those people and understand the feeling of accomplishment, but trying to distance myself from a results driven goal is proving to be extremely hard when a majority of my results will be internal.

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