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Helping YOU break up with fads diets, create healthy habits and find fitness you love.

The Sparkle Squad

My signature habit coaching program will take you from yo-yo dieting and binges to finding the healthy balance you crave. Using scheduled habits, daily check-ins,  and discovery prompts we dig deep to find your values when it comes to food, fitness and life.  

Individualized Coaching

Need more individualized approach to your habits?  Coaching calls, customized habits, fitness and calendar tailored to your busy life are included.

Process Focused Goal Setting

Have you ever set big, crazy goals only to end up overwhelmed, burned out and more discouraged than ever?  Setting big goals is great, but so many people get lost focused on the end they forget to enjoy the journey to get there.  Together we activate simple habits that don’t rely on motivation or massive action.  They become automatic behaviors with consistency.  

Tools for Real Life

Real life is messy.  People get busy.  This is why the Sparkle Squad provides coaching that focuses on providing habits, recipes, workouts, and self-care prompts that don’t consume your life.


Need accountability, support, and encouragement?  The Sparkle Squad is all about lifting each other up during this journey we call life.


In a world demanding more from women every day, we encourage a realistic, whole person approach to your health.

What is The Process Like?

Many of my clients describe the process of habit coaching as a relief from traditional dieting and
“all or nothing” thinking.  Every month a new habit is focused on.  The process continues as you stack habits to create a healthy lifestyle you love.  Over the course of a year, you will have established multiple habits that lead to a healthier mind, body and spirit; while gaining confidence, body appreciation and letting go of destructive perfectionist mindset.

1. Break up with Fad Diets- For Good

Let go of diet mentality, debunking popular nutrition myths, and establishing personal food values through mindfulness.  We focus on a longevity or “maintenance mindset” through the whole process to commit to the habits and behaviors you enjoy that are in alignment with your busy life.

2. Getting in Touch with Your Body's Natural Cues for Hunger/Fullness

Components of establishing our bodies natural hunger and fullness cues, addressing reasons for eating besides hunger such as emotional, stress, or boredom eating.

3. Balancing Your Meals for Energy, Enjoyment and Satisfaction

Focusing on foods that feel good to our bodies, satisfy our taste buds and give us energy.

4. Body Appreciation

Perfect body love is unrealistic for nearly everyone regardless of their health status, body composition or athletic nature.  Using neutral, factual statements we create a state of body appreciation focusing on functionality and the things your body provides. 

5. Level Up Your Lifestyle with Planning, Prep and Self-Care

Make your habits easier by adding meal prep and preparation, focusing on rest and recovery, stress management strategies.

6. Find Joyful, Intentional Movement

A body in motion, stays in motion.  Here we “find your fitness” by looking at what you enjoy, time constraints, and other factors.  2 virtual, total body circuits are included with all Sparkle Squad memberships.


During the time I was part of the Sparkle Squad program, it not only focused on physical exercising but also on body self awareness and emotional attachment to why you do what you do. For me, this program helped me to reboot my eating habits and get back into enjoying exercise.  I started feeling better about myself which helped with my self-confidence!” 


Sparkle Squad Offerings

Sparkle Squad Subscription

This affordable group format provides done-for-habits, group support, and more!

More Details
  • Done for you nutrition habit curriculum
  • Monthly journal prompts
  • Daily habit tips & habit tracking
  • Printable habit PDF guides & worksheets
  • Habit of the Month Focus
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Free Facebook community

Starting at $25/mo

Individual Coaching

The perks of community support and done-for-you habits combined with one-on-one support.

More Details

Need a little extra help?  Sparkle Squad members receive discounted 1 on 1 coaching for the attention you need at an affordable rate. 

45 Minute Coaching Call:

  • Reflection on what’s going well
  • Review progress, current goals and add new ones
  • After the call you’ll receive a printable summary of the call, additional resources and action steps to re-focus and stay on track for your habits. 

Starting at $35/call

DIY Habits

Want access to Sparkle Squad materials but don’t want the community support?  Individual habits are available in the Sparkle Squad store.

More Details
  • Individual habits to choose what matters most to you
  • Bundles for habits that are easily stacked to get the most bang for your buck!

Starting at $10/habit

“I first met Michelle through a mutual friend, and to begin with she was just a “Facebook friend.” Somewhere along the way though, she found me, broken down and beat up with life. I was tired of hating my body. Michelle showed me the light, and showed me that it’s not my body that’s a problem, it’s societies perception of my body. She showed me the path to loving myself, including my body and my weight, right where I am right now. Without her, I would still be lost and confused in the crazy world of diet culture, believing I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t worth the space I took up. BUT I AM! And you are too.”


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