Fearlessly You Coaching

Affordable wellness coaching for women looking to change their habits and relationship with food, fitness and their body- for life.

Behavior Focused Habits

Rather than being outcome centered, we create simple habits that contribute to changes in energy, body composition, overall health and celebrate consistency.  Consistent habits will lead to consistent results.

Online Community

Need accountability, support, and encouragement?  Fearlessly You offers a membership platforms, private Facebook community support, daily accountability, and coaching.  We are in this together!


In a world demanding more from women every day, we encourage a realistic, whole person approach to your health including focus on self-care, recovery stress management, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

Tools for Real Life

Real life is messy.  People get busy.  This is why Fearlessly You provides coaching that focuses on providing habits, recipes, workouts, and self-care prompts that don’t consume your life.
Helping You Find Your Happy Balance
with Online Wellness Coaching

Are you fed up with fad diets, but still have health goals you want to achieve?

We live in a world that worships quick fixes but people rarely sustain those results.   Habit change is a long term solutions in a quick fix world.

What Is Fearlessly You Coaching?

Fearlessly You is focused on simplicity.

Instead of another complicated diet plan, workout program or overpriced shake scam, we keep it simple.  By adding 1 habit at a time, you can finally relax and enjoy the process of reaching your health goals.  This helps you create healthy habits for LIFE.

A Habit Based, Mindful Approach to Nutrition

Using an approach that combines mindful eating, Precision Nutrition coaching techniques, promotes a maintanence mindset, and materials that support you through every season of life, you are given wellness coaching that is backed by science.

Fearlessly You Coaching is behavior and process focused.

With habit coaching we focus and celebrate creating consistent behaviors over results-driven goal setting.  By practicing habits consistently you will see changes in energy levels, body composition and build confidence along the way.

Fearlessly You Coaching is designed for real life.

Girls night?  Book Club? Birthdays? Caring for loved ones?  Diets don’t fit in with REAL LIFE.  Habits give you routine and strategy to apply to every situation.  Printable worksheets and journal prompts are provided to help you discover your internal motivators, deepest priorities, and personal values when it comes to food, fitness, body image and your overall well-being.

My experience with Michelle/Coach Sparkles was a game changer. I was struggling with getting into a good flow and I was taught it’s all about creating good and healthy habits. I started out with a goal to be active each day, slowly Michelle taught me to add another habit. I am proud to say I am back consistently running, eating good proteins in each meal, incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and making sure I give myself some “me” time. My mental state of mind is completely different. I appreciate Michelle and her knowledge so much!!


How Do I know If Fearlessly You Wellness Coaching is Right For Me?

Just like you I wondered if a less demanding approach to my health was the right choice for me. I had been bombarded for so long trying to lose weight quickly, stressing over not reaching my goals, spending money on the latest diet craze and feeling like I had to cram more into my already busy life to see any change. I broke up with diets thanks to Intuitive Eating, but I still wanted more for my health and physical state.

You're sick of yo-yo dieting, quick fixes and battling your body.
Change the game with a shift towards a “maintenance mindset” instead of diet mindset, body appreciation and choosing the habits that you enjoy.
You're sick of feeling overwhelmed and discouraged with unrealistic lifestyle overhauls.

Girls night?  Book Club? Birthdays? Caring for loved ones?  Diets don’t fit in with REAL LIFE.  Habits give you routine and strategy to apply to every situation.

You're sick of feeling like extremes are the only answer.
It seems like there are 2 extremes offered in the health and wellness industry.

No excuses mantras, fad diets, counting all the things, banning food groups, and rigid rules that don’t bend for real life. It’s a recipe for overwhelm and obsession.


Unconditional body acceptance even if you feel uncomfortable or are struggling to complete daily tasks.

Habits are the balance between the two. They also take away the mental load of motivation and discipline.

You're sick of missing out on your favorite foods, avoiding social engagements and relying on motivation to stay on track.

Habit coaching is based on your personal tastes, priorities, daily commitments, and values.  This is why each section contains printables and writing prompts to help you rediscover what makes you tick.

You're sick of workouts that don't fit in with your life or leave you sore for days.
In Fearlessly You, we focus on movement that you enjoy, want to do and fits in with busy lives.  Nearly all workouts on the Fearlessly You membership site are 30 minutes or less and are meant to be FUN.  You’ll find a variety of strength training, cardio and more.

My Approach

I combine mindful eating strategies, nutrition habits, community support, accountability, behavior modification and thought provoking writing prompts to help you dig deep into your priorities, goals and past to cultivate a better relationship with food, fitness and body.

Together we focus on the process of reaching your goals, celebrating along the way. It is time to find your inner and outer sparkle!

“I first met Michelle through a mutual friend, and to begin with she was just a “Facebook friend.” Somewhere along the way though, she found me, broken down and beat up with life. I was tired of hating my body. Michelle showed me the light, and showed me that it’s not my body that’s a problem, it’s societies perception of my body. She showed me the path to loving myself, including my body and my weight, right where I am right now. Without her, I would still be lost and confused in the crazy world of diet culture, believing I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t worth the space I took up. BUT I AM! And you are too.” Tami

How It Works


Get on the Wait List

Fearlessly You Wellness Coaching opens for 24 hours the 1st of each month for a limited amount of members.  Membership is regularly priced at $34.95/month, but getting on the wait list gives you the first chance at membership, special pricing and weekly motivation (even if you’re not a member) straight to your inbox.

Get Connected to the Community

Once you’re in, send your request to join the Facebook group.  Don’t be afraid to start getting to know the rest of the members and share a little about yourself. We support, share and shine together through this whole journey!

Reach Your Goals

  • Get immediate access to the Fearlessly You  materials with your monthly membership with new materials being added monthly.
  • Celebrate your consistency and successes with the Fearlessly You members
“During the time I was part of Fearlessly You (formally the Sparkle Squad program), it not only focused on physical exercising but also on body self awareness and emotional attachment to why you do what you do. For me, this program helped me to reboot my eating habits and get back into enjoying exercise.  I started feeling better about myself which helped with my self-confidence!” MariAnn

Fearlessly You Monthly Membership

This affordable month-to-month group coaching program opens once a month for 24 hours with limited spots available.  If you’re on this list, you’ll save 33% and get the chance to enroll 24 hours early.  See you there!

Regular price $39.95/month

More Details
For a low cost monthly membership, members receive instant access to our amazing membership platform full of guides promoting mindfulness and healthy habits, habit trackers, workouts, past coaching calls, printable journals to dig deep into body image and priorities!  New materials are uploaded monthly.  Members also get access to our private Facebook group with daily check-ins, monthly Facebook live coaching calls, and group support.
our month-to-month membership comes with a money-back guarantee your first 30 days AND you can cancel anytime!


Fearlessly You Re-opens April 1st! (This is no April Fool)








Fearlessly You re-opens the 1st of the month! Get on the waiting list to save big and be the first to sign up! Dismiss

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